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Latest Syllabus

Comments Updated Date Download Syllabus
Non departmental electives (Mathematics) - MA482, MA484, MA486, MA488 19/12/2018
S7S8 Syllabus - EE405; EE431; EE472 - Revised 19/07/2018
S7S8 Syllabus - EE401 to EE404; EE407; EE409; EE461 to EE469; EE474 19/07/2018
Syllabus- Non departmental electives offered by CSE Dept- CS482; CS484; CS486; CS488 08/03/2018
Syllabus - Elective V - Non departmental electives 19/02/2018
Syllabus-S5S6-EE301 to EE309; EE331 to EE334; EE361 to EE369; EE372 15/02/2018
Syllabus-S3S4-EE201 to EE208; EE231 to EE234 15/02/2018
Syllabus -S4- MA202 Probability Distributions, Transforms and Numerical Methods 15/02/2018
Syllabus - S3 - MA201 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis 15/02/2018
Humanities - HS200 Business Economics; HS210 Life Skills; HS300 PoM 15/02/2018
Course Plan - Design Project, Comprehensive Exam, Seminar , Project 15/02/2018
Syllabus - S1S2 12/02/2018
Curriculum - S1S2 12/02/2018
Curriculum - S3 to S8 12/02/2018


Comments Updated Date Download Syllabus
Syllabus-S7S8-EE401 to EE405; EE407; EE409; EE431; EE461 to EE469; EE472; EE474 15/02/2018
Electrical And Electronics Engineering 06/12/2017
Syllabus For S1 and S2 16/06/2016